Editorial Policy

On our site, we strive to maintain high journalistic standards in order to provide unique and quality articles and news to our readers. When you write for us, you agree to these terms and understand that if you do not meet them, your article may be rejected by us. You will enter into a contract with us that will require your written consent to this policy.

We expect all articles to be original. They must pass Copyscape and other plagiarism checks. The author should only submit “never published” content for approval by our editors. It is essential that you focus on writing content that adds value to our readers. Articles that have been plagiarized or excerpted from a pre-published article will be rejected.

All business claims and data must be properly verified before being included in the article. False claims and partial data will not be considered by clients. We ensure that all data published on our website is in the public domain and has been verified by the relevant sources. Authors must link the data/statistics/statements to a relevant website where it was previously published.

Always try to provide empirical evidence for your claims. You can include images, graphs, and screenshots to prove your claims. If there is no authoritative website, no expert to support your claim, you should avoid using it in your article.

Every article you write must contain value for our readers. Your article must have a clear purpose that you must follow in order to provide value. Our goal is to provide articles that bring the latest news to our readers and help them understand the nuances of various companies and technologies. All articles must be completely unbiased and there must be no promotion/marketing of any currency, market or company.

No article should contain any claims or information about any funding/company/person for marketing or promotional purposes. The title, subtitles and content of your articles should always be direct and unbiased. Do not link to an article that promotes a company, currency or person. We strongly discourage the use of promotional/marketing links in our articles.

Remember that our readers are very knowledgeable about their topics and often have a genuine interest in politics, international news, technology, economics, finance and all the categories we offer on ElleCitoyene.com. Your articles should always contain valuable information for readers who already understand the topics. Our goal is to provide you with the latest news and information on the various topics and latest technologies. Therefore, we need to understand our readers before we write an article for them.

The acceptance of the article is at the sole discretion of the editors. Our editors may accept or reject it without explanation. When an article is accepted, we will inform you of our decision. Any decision by the board of directors will be final and binding on all authors.

When writing articles for us, be sure to check all credible sources. While we have shorter deadlines for publishing articles on our platform, we consider it essential to focus on the authenticity of each article before publishing it. Please ensure that empirical evidence is available for each article and data presented in the post.

We hope you will follow this editorial policy to create quality content for our readers.