Podium Club

Podium Club is a new, innovative program designed to support the development of wheelchair rugby clubs across Canada. It uses a multi-tiered approach, based on Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels of support that are geared towards the elements we've identified in our Long-Term Athlete Development Model, which is published as Full Contact.

Clubs that take advantage of the program will be rewarded for their planning and development strategies, and will be funded according to their success in the targeted areas. The program aims to:

  • Attract and develop new players
  • Provide competitive opportunities on a regular basis
  • Provide decentralized training environments
  • Provide coaching development and focus within a club structure
  • Gain an awareness or identity within a city or region
  • Provide more players eligible for provincial squads.

Funding in the program is broken down to support in the following six 'Podium Club Pillars':

  • Athlete Support
  • Talent Identification & Development
  • Competition
  • Officials and Classifiers Support
  • Sport Science
  • Coaching and Coach Education

If you have any questions about this program, please contact National Development Director, Duncan Campbell at duncancampbell@cwsa.ca or by phone at 1.604.333.3533.