Sign Up For The Pilot Wheelchair Rugby Coaching Development Program

In December of 2015 we will be piloting the wheelchair rugby-specific components of our Competition Development program, which include:

Analyzing Performance 
Developing Athletic Abilities

Prevention & Recovery

The pilot will be run on the weekend of the Montreal Invitational, December 11th, 12th, and 13th. Participation in the pilot will be at no cost to the participant other than travel, food and accommodation. CWSA will be covering the instructor and facility costs. Participation will provide ‘trained status’ in these three components of the CWSA ‘Performance Coach’ (Competition Development program). It is not a requirement for Competition Development certification to be certified in Introduction to Competition, but it is highly recommended.

To obtain trained status there are a number of Multi Sport Coaching Courses also required. The Multi Sport modules are:

  1. Making Ethical Decision-making (if you do not have from Comp-Intro) 
  2. Leading Drug-Free Sport 
  3. Psychology of Performance
  4. Managing Conflict
  5. Coaching & Leading Effectively
  6. Design a Basic Sport Program.

These modules are usually available through your Provincial Coaching Association and are usually weekend courses for one or more of the above listed modules.

In addition I want to remind you that many of the Intro to Competition trained coaches still need to become certified. Intro to Competition focusses on the ability to run a safe, structured practice. What you need to do to get certified is to have a practice reviewed by one of the four Master Learning Facilitators we have in the wheelchair rugby system. These individuals are Andy Van Neutegem, Patrick Cote, Adam Frost, and myself. Having a practice reviewed can be done in a few ways;

  1. If you are aware that one of these four individuals will be in your area in a certain time frame you can organize with them to officially attend and review your practice session. You will need to submit an Emergency Action Plan and a Practice Plan prior to the review.
  2.  If you cannot organize the above scenario you can organize with one of these individuals to submit an Emergency Action Plan, a Practice Plan, and a video of the actual practice that you are running. The video must clearly show the practice from start to finish.


The Master Learning Facilitators will review your practice based on criteria set out by CWSA and the Coaching Association of Canada. You will then be advised of being certified or needing to improve certain aspects of your practices.

CWSA may also consider offering Intro to Competition in the 2015 -2016 schedule for coaches who have not had the opportunity to take it, but this is not confirmed yet. I will inform you of any developments as soon as they are determined. Thank you.

If you wish to take part in the Performance Coach pilot course in December, please contact me via email or phone call.

Duncan Campbell
Director of Development
Wheelchair Rugby Canada