Wheelchair Rugby Player Competes to Become the Face of Lise Watier’s Something Sweet Campaign

(Coquitlam, BC) - As Canada's youngest female wheelchair rugby player, Jessica Kruger is no stranger to challenging stereotypes and breaking down barriers. Now, she's trying to change society's perception of women with disabilities once again by attempting to win the Lise Watier's Something Sweet contest to star in the company's campaign and become one of the world's first quadriplegic models.

"I thought it would be a really amazing opportunity to challenge society's perception of what the face of a cosmetic company/perfume should look like and show the community that someone in a wheelchair could be that person!" she said.

Kruger is already no stranger to beating the odds. After becoming a quadriplegic in an accident at age 15, she adapted to her disability and took up the hard-hitting sport of wheelchair rugby, also known as "Murderball." Despite playing this gritty sport, Kruger is a self-described "girly girl" who is a renowned baker famous for her fancy cakes and cupcakes. She also finds time to pursue a degree in Literature from Simon Fraser University.

Kruger says she embraces the contradiction.

"I love being the girly girl that can change into a dress and put on some lipstick and perfume off the court, but still be that 'tough' rugby player," she said. "Nothing is more entertaining than being all dressed up and watching people's expressions when I tell them I play Murderball!"

To reach the final round of the Lise Watier Something Sweet contest, Jessica needs to accumulate the greatest number of votes on their website. Voting runs until June 8th. To vote for Jessica, please click here.