The Answers to the University of Victoria Riddles

You may have seen some riddles written in sidewalk chalk on the University of Victoria campus. Here are the answers!

Q: What has 48 wheels and crashes up to 100 times an hour?

A: A wheelchair rugby game! Wheelchair rugby is a fast-paced, full-contact sport for people with disabilities. Each wheelchair has 6 wheels (2 big wheels, 2 front wheels and 2 anti-tip wheels). There are four athletes per team, which makes 8 athletes on the floor of a wheelchair rugby game at any one time. Since wheelchair rugby allows chair contact, it’s not uncommon to see athletes crashing into one another dozens of times per game. Sometimes wheelchairs are even knocked over. Don’t believe us? Check the game out live on May 7th at 7 pm at CARSA! It’s your last chance to see Team Canada before the Toronto 2015 Parapan Am Games!

Q: On May 7th, what campus location will have the most crashes?

A: CARSA! On May 7th at 7 pm, CARSA will host an exhibition match of wheelchair rugby (aka Murderball). Because wheelchair rugby is a contact sport, there are bound to be plenty of crashes!

Q: What sport is played in a gym, but the athletes’ feet never touch the ground?

Wheelchair rugby! Athletes are strapped into specially designed wheelchair rugby chairs and so their feet never touch the ground. Come see if yourself at CARSA on May 7th at 7 pm.