Happy International Women's Day

When people think of "murderball," women are often the last thing that comes to someone's mind. After all, the 2004 Academy Award-nominated documentary "Murderball" didn't even mention that the sport is co-ed, despite the fact that Canada had Erika Schmutz on the team at the time!

The fact is that women have been playing wheelchair rugby for decades at all levels of competition. Since the IWRF changed the rules to allow coaches to have an extra 0.5 points on the floor for each woman playing, the number of women participating is growing at a steady pace. In 2011, Saskatchewan played the first all-female lineup in the history of the sport. This year, a record number of women will try out for spots on the national team.

We're proud to be a world leader in recruiting and developing female wheelchair rugby athletes. None of it would be possible, however, without the grit and determination of the Canadian women who smash chairs as well as stereotypes. This International Women's Day, we tip our hats to Canada's female wheelchair rugby players. 

Check out this video of Saskatchewan playing its first all-female lineup: