(Ottawa, ON – May 27) The Canadian Wheelchair Sports Association (CWSA), after more than 50 years in operation, announced today its plans to rebrand as Wheelchair Rugby Canada, effective July 1st, 2018.

A new logo, a new slogan and intentions to launch a new website, were revealed alongside the new name during the closing banquet ceremony of the 2018 Canadian Wheelchair Rugby Championships.

“This was an exciting moment for our sport as we unveiled the new logo in Calgary.  It was time to address the changes that have taken place in our organization in the past twenty years, said Wheelchair Rugby Canada’s CEO, Catherine Cadieux.”

The CWSA’s rebranding initiative reflects the organization’s gradual move away from serving as the national governing body for a wide range of wheelchair sports, to its current role as the governing body for the Canadian Heritage Sport of wheelchair rugby. By transitioning to Wheelchair Rugby Canada, the organization will better align its brand with its governing role and be well positioned for future growth and development.

Designed by THEY Integrated, the new Wheelchair Rugby Canada logo is intended to reflect the true nature of the sport; distinct, impactful and uniquely Canadian. It features a round shape that represents an armoured wheel with 13 rivets (circles) placed around the maple leaf, each representing one of our 13 Canadian Provinces and Territories. The two outer white lines pay homage to the retiring CWSA logo with two lines in the grey swoosh. Overall, the logo pulls on a traditional sporting crest, creating a truly iconic badge that can be worn by athletes, coaches and fans to proudly reflect the culture and values of Wheelchair Rugby Canada. 

Wheelchair Rugby Canada’s new slogan “It’s Our Game” is meant to invoke our Canadian pride in having invented the sport, once known as Murderball, in 1977 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It will serve to build the Wheelchair Rugby Canada brand worldwide and will represent the organization’s continued commitment to delivering world-class wheelchair rugby programs.

Wheelchair Rugby Canada will be launching a new website in July 2018 which will provide an online hub for all things wheelchair rugby in Canada from the grassroots level to the national team.

“There’s a new logo in town and I couldn’t be more pleased, said Catherine Cadieux.  It is distinctive and highly representative of our organization, our sport and Canada.”

About Wheelchair Rugby

Wheelchair Rugby was invented in 1977 in Winnipeg, Canada by a group of quadriplegic athletes who were looking for an alternative to wheelchair basketball. They wanted a sport which would allow players with reduced arm and hand function to participate equally. The sport they created, originally called Murderball, is now known as Wheelchair Rugby and considered to be one of the most popular Paralympic sports in the world. Wheelchair Rugby was named a Canadian Heritage Sport in 2008.

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