Garett Hickling Named Canada's Flag Bearer for the London 2012 Paralympics!

Our training camp at Leeds University took a sudden twist on Saturday night when Canada's Chef de Mission Dr. Gaétan Tardif and Assistant Chef de Mission Elizabeth Walker-Young skyped Team Canada to announce that Garett Hickling had been selected as Canada's Flag Bearer for the London 2012 Paralympic Games.

The announcement was unknown to the players, including Garett, and was met with a roar of excitement and followed by a few tears in the room! Garett made his way down to London by train (First Class!) on Sunday with Team Leader Andy Van Neutegem for the announcement of the flag bearer and Team Canada Pep Rally. The rest of Team Canada, sworn to secrecy, continued with their training camp in Leeds, bolstered by the announcement and incredibly proud that Garett will lead wheelchair rugby and Canada into the Paralympic Stadium on August 29th.

Garett got a few hours' sleep on Saturday night and has busied himself writing his speeches! In typical Garett style, he has been humbled by the nomination and continues to put others forward in his acceptance.  All in all, a  great day for Canadian Wheelchair Rugby and a great day for Canada!