Andy's Blog: 2014 World Wheelchair Rugby Championships - Day 8

Wednesday, August 5, 2014

Finally, it is Game Day!!!  It has been a long 8 days waiting for the first game and the staff and players are ready to start the 7-game march to the Gold Medal.  Yesterday was the opening ceremonies and the players and staff met the Canadian Ambassador, Mr. Andre-Francois Giroux.  Captain Trevor Hirschfield introduced the game and our goals for this tournament to the Ambassador, but it was the inquisitive Travis Murao that asked the tough questions. 

Earlier in the day, Zak Madell let the team know that he thought it might be a great job to be an ambassador to Denmark, since in his own words, "I could play at Legoland all day."  Travis inquired of the education and experience required for Zak to become an ambassador and the key points were for Zak to keep his options open, and work hard! Great advice for the young Zak attending college in September. 

The weather has cooled off but the venue is still steamy!  Denmark got off to a great start with a win over Belgium; it will be our job to bring their optimism down a notch or two.