Andy's Blog: 2014 World Wheelchair Rugby Championships - Day 4

It is Sunday August 3rd and the team had its first practice at the competition venue.  Yesterday was a well-earned day off as the athletes re-charged their batteries and prepared for training at the competition venue.  Staff also enjoyed a day-off and ventured into the local town Nyborg on hotel bikes.  Oddly enough our return trip saw the ladies (Marnie, Melissa, and Nancy) leave the peloton and go shopping!  We never saw them again for the rest of the day. 

The training session today was intense but the intensity started early when our bus did not arrive and we shared a bus with the USA.  Good thing there were no referees on the bus.  A few flagrant fouls may have been called!   Tomorrow will be the Opening Ceremonies and our last brief practice before we start our first competition.  We also have the privilege of meeting the Canadian Ambassador to Denmark.  We understand that he will be taking part in a VIP match against other countries’ ambassadors.  We will cheer him on to make some crunching hits! 

Weather here is still very hot and humid although a thunderstorm today has brought some relief.  In the mornings, staff are taking the opportunity to swim in the North Sea and cool down.  Bruce, our sport psychologist, even bought goggles to search for crabs.  We thought dinner would be provided but the catch was a bit small and disappointing.