Histoires #50 - Judy Zelman

Judith est née à Ottawa en Ontario, le 16 mai 1967. Elle a eu une enfance canadienne typique à Ottawa où son père Maier était fonctionnaire et sa mère Peggy enseignante. En 1981, sa vie a pris une orientation différente. Alors qu'elle était en vacances l'été sur l'île de Vancouver, elle s'est sentie malade, avec de la fièvre et des douleurs abdominales.

Story #50 - Judy Zelman

Judith was born in Ottawa, Ontario, on May 16, 1967. She had a typical Canadian childhood in Ottawa, where her father Maier worked for the public service and her mother Peggy was a teacher. In 1981, her life took a turn in a different direction. While she was on summer vacation on Vancouver Island, she became ill with a fever and abdominal pain. She was first diagnosed with appendicitis, but then she began to develop paralysis, beginning in her feet and hands and progressing up her legs and arms.

Story #36 - Donald Royer

Dr. Donald Royer is the longest serving leader in the Canadian Wheelchair Sports Associations’ history. He has dedicated his personal and professional life to athletes with a disability as well as the entire Paralympic movements for nearly 50 years. His unselfish commitment, sacrifice and loyalty has been felt and experienced at the local, provincial, national and international level. Donald is truly one of our iconic leaders.

Story #33 - Garett Hickling

A natural leader and motivator, Garett Hickling has been driving force behind the success of the Canadian National Wheelchair Rugby Team for more than 20 years. Hickling, known simply as “G”, has been a fan favorite for his flowing blonde mane, fierce competitive spirit on court and humble nature off court.


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