Andy's Blog: 2014 World Wheelchair Rugby Championships - Game Day!

Game Day!  The gold Medal Match is where we wanted to be on the final day.  As the saying goes, ’you have to be in it to win it!’  Last night, the players and staff returned to our hotel, on the same bus as the Americans (we acted with class!) and got in a great recovery session.  We initiated our video prep for the Aussies starting the game planning just prior to bed!  I bet you could guess what the players dreamed about.  The team has had a great start to the day, resting prior to our 4 pm match. 

This is my last blog (it gets very busy after a tournament with packing up) and I have tried to give you a glimpse behind the scene regarding team routine, funny events etc.  The players have given everything they have this tournament but so  have the staff.  Without a doubt we have the best WCR staff in the world.  The staff include: Nancy Wong (Manager), Marnie McRoberts (Athletic Therapist), Melissa Lacroix (Physiologist/therapist), Dr. Thomas Zochowski (Team Doctor), Dr. Bruce Pinel (Mental Trainer), and of course, Bobby Hirschfield (Equipment Manager).  The sport medicine and sport science protocols have been developed and perfected over many years but it is the professionalism and passion the staff bring to the team every day that is extraordinary.  Of course, the team is not complete without Kevin Orr (Head Coach), Pat Cote (Technical Analyst) and our leaders , Cathy (Mama) Cadieux, Duncan Campbell (Quad-father), Gail Hamamoto, Phil Schlote (OTP) and Kathy Newman.  Overall, it is a big team with even more people back at home (Arley McNeney-Communications Manager, 210 Tim- equipment manager; strength coaches, nutritionists and transition specialists) that make our program one that everybody should be proud of.  It is a 365 day ‘machine’ that has got us to where we are today!  Of course, the biggest part of our team is our FANS back home.  Thank you for support – today we viewed all of your tweets, and well-wishes!  We appreciate them.  GO CANADA GO!