Blog #7: Coloplast Care & the Speedicath® Flex

Coloplast Care

Across diverse sectors of healthcare and personal care, improving clinical outcomes is the prime focus. However, for people with chronic conditions, developments ideally aim to also enhance users’ experiences with an emphasis on less stigmatizing solutions in order to improve quality of life.

Experience obtained across other markets shows that modern solutions and reduced treatment burden can lead to higher adherence and better health.

Through Coloplast® Care, people with bladder and bowel issues can get access to Coloplast’ s most innovative products. You can sign up for Coloplast Care here.

Introducing our most innovative catheter yet - SpeediCath® Flex

A new soft, easy-to-use catheter designed for men.

  • Unique smooth and uniform hydrophilic coating
  • For use in normal and more complex male anatomies
  • Designed to make every step of catheterization easy

Learn more about SpeediCath Flex and order your free samples today