CWSA Sports

Wheelchair Sports of the CWSA
In previous years, the Canadian Wheelchair Sports Association has served as the national governing body for a wide range of wheelchair sports.  Recently, the CWSA, in cooperation with Sport Canada, has pursued a policy of inclusion, which requires sports for athletes with a disability to be administered by the same national sport organization as its able-bodied equivalent.

As a result, most of the sports once administered by CWSA are now governed by the appropriate sport-specific national sport organization, but CWSA continues to be a National advocate for these sports and assists the able-bodied sport groups whenever necessary.  Information on these sports can be found by following the links on this site's sport links page.  However, at the provincial level and below, these sports are still supported by, and programs delivered through, CWSA's provincial member organizations.  A list of these members can be found on this site's contact page.

Wheelchair Rugby
The sport of wheelchair rugby is a sport specifically created for quadriplegics. It is an emerging sport, rather than an adapted or modified version of any able-bodied sport.  Rugby is the only sport governed by the CWSA, since it has no able-bodied sport counterpart.  Wheelchair rugby will continue to be managed nationally by the CWSA.  Information on this sport can be found on the site's wheelchair rugby page.