50 Years, 50 Stories

In celebration of our 50th anniversary in 2017, Canadian Wheelchair Sports Association is pleased to present 50 Years | 50 Stories. Throughout the coming year, we'll share the incredible stories of our founding, by shinning the spotlight on the many athletes, coaches, officials, volunteers and staff who have shaped our organization in countless ways.

The first three stories will be published on May 5th, 2017, followed by new stories every Friday, until we have reached our 50th story in December 2017.

The CWSA would like to thank all those who have contributed their time and effort into writting these remarkable stories.


#1: The Early Beginnings of Wheelchair Sport: 1944-1964
#2: The Canadian Wheelchair Sport Association through the 1970s
#3: Wheelchair Rugby Begins
#4: Winnipeg Pan American Wheelchair Games 1967
#5: The Founding of the CWSA
#6: History of Murderball/Wheelchair Rugby 1977-82
#7: Dr. Robert W. Jackson
#8: Elaine Rose Ell
#9: Chantal Petitclerc
#10: Murderball Changes its Name to Wheelchair Rugby
#11: Development of the Multi Sport & Multi Disabled Games in Canada
#12: Dr. Gary McPherson
#13: Mel Fitzgerald
#14: Sandra DeVenney
#15: Eugene “Gene” Reimer
#16: The History of Wheelchair Rugby 1983 - 1994
#17: Daniel Westley
#18: Duncan Campbell
#19: Diane Hrychuk
#20: Dr. Robert D. Steadward
#21: History of Wheelchair Rugby: 1993 - 1996
#22: 1,500m Exhibition Event at the 1984 Olympic Games